Adding “warmth” and character to a fireplace

Adding natural elementsto 'warm" up a fireplace

It’s dark, cold and snowy here in the northeast. My fireplace is burning and adding warmth to my space but I can’t help but look at the big white modern box that it is and and just feel heat but not the warmth a real fireplace provides. 

I live in the suburbs. I live in a neighborhood that the homes were all built within a short time of one another and although their may be some slight differences in their appearance on the outside and various floor plans, they are all still the same. Cookie cutter houses. Each house has one of the same 5 shades of beige for vinyl siding and either a brick or stone facade with nearly identical white front porches. Our fireplaces are nearly all gas. This is the heat I’m referring to instead or warmth. Growing up I had a wood burning fireplace with an authentic brick surround and barnwood mantle. The smell of dried wood stacked next to the fireplace just felt cozy.  “Cozying up” to the fireplace felt authentic and genuine.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love my home. I have been raising 3 children in this home and it is flooded with memories and routine and chaos and love. But “cozying up” to a white box with a glass window with no real wood in sight doesn’t exactly scream warmth. 

There is a solution! Well kind of… 

Oh, Pinterest how I love thee.  Let’s see some examples of covering up or maybe disguising those cookie cutter fireplaces. Let me know in the comments what makeover you like!

Herringbone pattern created with reclaimed barnwood
If you have a cookie cutter white fireplace repaint it in a warm hue! The gray not only ties in with the marble but creates a more welcoming feel instead of the stark white.
I love a white and bright room! This fireplace is stunning in contrast to the white. I definitely would not mind cozying up right in front of this fireplace.
Not for everyone but I will never tire of seeing stacked stone on a fireplace. Natural stone element, earth tones and texture provide a comfortable feeling and warmth.

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