Nicci Wright - Owner/Designer

If you don't see a service below that fits your needs, call us and we'll listen to your needs to make sure we find the right solution!

Services to Fit Every Need...

We specialize in using what you already have to transform your home into what a buyer is looking for (home staging), or a space that perfectly reflects your family’s style, needs and comfort (redesign).

Occupied Staging ...


In this intensive two-hour consultation, we will be using a detailed and customized Staging Report/Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done to get the home the best price possible! We follow an 8-step in each room design process that ensures maximum return on investment (ROI) for every staging dollar spent. This service is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice you need to do the staging work yourself in the form of a detailed staging report.

The consultation can take up to 2 hours and we will cover the following:

  • Detailed phone interview in order to completely understand your project
  • Buyer demographic research, so we are designing for your typical buyer
  • Checklist for each room of the home
  • Top Dollar Guide
  • Curb appeal for first impression impact
  • Recommended furniture arrangement and flow
  • De-cluttering, depersonalizing, and optimizing space in each room
  • Highlighting architectural features and guiding the buyer's eyes to notice high-value assets
  • Lighting, window treatments and accessory arrangement
  • Color advice and emotional connection points in each space so buyers fall in love!

You will walk away with all the answers, a Priority Shopping list and an exclusive vendor list to help you complete the staging process. 

Professional Photography $100 additional fee. Drone footage is an additional $200.

(If the home is larger than 3,500 sq. ft. with multiple staging areas there could be an additional time cost to cover the larger home and additional time spent on the project)


Feeling overwhelmed with preparing your home to sell? This staging service is all about rolling up our sleeves, following the detailed staging report and working together to start staging the main areas of the home right away. You won't believe the difference a few hours makes just using what you already own! 

This service can take up to 4 hours in the home with 2 hours of planning/prep time and includes:

  • Kitchen staging and organization strategies
  • Main living area staging and emotional connection point set up
  • Main bathroom design
  • If time permits, we will tackle other key living areas, so your home is show ready
  • We will bring in essential staging accessories to give you a "visual shopping list" of what to purchase for modernizing and setting the stage for buyers to fall in love
  • You will walk away with beautiful "after" photos of your staged rooms.


Professional Photography $100 additional fee. Drone footage is an additional $200.

*If accessories/furniture are rented from SWH inventory there will be an associated monthly rental fee.

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving


Do you have a larger home (over 2000 square feet) that could use more than a few hours of work?  No problem! This service simply extends our time together to include a day of rolling up our sleeves , following our detailed staging report and tackling the main areas of the home while staging for photos.

This service can take up to 7 hours in the home with 2 hours of planning/prep time and includes everything in the Power Staging/Mini Makeover

*If accessories/furniture are rented from SWH inventory there will be an associated monthly rental fee.

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving

New Listing OR Open House Staging Weekend

This service takes all the stress out of staging and is perfect to make a great first impression for the home that is just about to go onto the market or have an Open House!

A Staged Wright Home consultant will spend two days prior to the “Open House” weekend transforming the house into a buyers dream. The consultant will be working with a detailed Staged Wright Home Action Plan (included) that will be given to the home seller to complete the transformations at the end of the session.

To get top dollar, every home should go through our complete home staging transformation before being listed!

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(Up to seven hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)

Redesign Services

$150- Redesign Consultation

  •  Redesign projects will vary in price based on home size and scale of project. Please call for more information.

Do you want a Pinterest-worthy home?

A redesign consultation is designed to gather information including lifestyle, habits, activites, style preferences and color preferences. We want to be able to envision how you use the space we are there to redesign in order to make it functional, comfortable and stylish. We want your home to represent you and your family in the best way possible. Following the in-home consultation we will follow up with a proposal and a bit of exciting homework for you to do. Your project will be on its way and before you know it you will be living in the home you've always wished you had.


Home's that are empty are in special need of staging and here is where we shine!  We provide options that other staging companies do not...

  • Starting with a home assessment, we deliver a proposal that provides a Good, Better, Best option to fit every budget
  • We use top quality furnishings in order to achieve that model home look that guarantees a buyer will "fall in love"

Vacant Staging

Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving
(A $100 initial home assessment fee is credited back to your total vacant service when you choose us)

WARNING - Not all vacant staging is equal!

Not every home stager has the furnishings and accessories to pull together model home looking spaces!  Make sure to check the stager's portfolio and never go with the lowest price proposal since you usually get what you pay for.

Free Guide - 50 Ideas To Organize Your Home

Click the link below for a great resource to help your purge your home either before staging or to just help you renew the love you have for your home.

$75 Power Shopping

We’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that serve as investments in the sale of your home. I’m an expert in sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices!


Remember that we are EXPERT SHOPPERS who can save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE and WHAT to shop for, as well as get a "to the trade" discount at many places!

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